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by Shelley on February 15, 2013 · 649 comments

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One way to get coupons is to ask. I have devised this Company Contact List with links to company sites. Simply send an email and let them know you like their product, compliments go a long way;  I have done this before and received coupons for FREE products.  You can ask if there are any extra coupons available. You can also use this list for contacts if you have any issues or problems with their product, but if so please be polite, describe the problem exactly (so that maybe they can fix the problem in the future) and include any information such as the UPC code, expiration date etc.

If you find any broken links please be sure and let me know and I will fix them if possible. This is a LONG list with many links to many different companies some links are to companies that distribute many products, so several links may take you to one particular site.

Let me know what you start getting in your mailbox.




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