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by Shelley on January 23, 2013 · 337 comments

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One of my favorite accessories in the Fall and Winter are scarves. They keep you warm and can dress up an outfit or allow you to mix and match clothing that you would have otherwise never worn together. For instance that brightly checked scarf is one of my favorites. I have a bright green winter vest that I wear with a bright blue or hot pink shirt, throw on this scarf and instantly it makes sense. With a crimson shirt and that hounds-tooth scarf and I am in full support of my favorite team, Roll Tide Roll! You just can’t live in the south without loving sweet tea and college football!

I have quite the collection of scarves and keeping up with them is not easy. Put them in a basket or hang them on coat hooks and when you went to choose one two or three came with it or fell in the floor. I found a cheap and easy way to organize them on Pinterest:

Buy a set of shower curtain hooks for $1  at the Dollar Tree or Dollar General, snap them to a coat hanger, thread your scarves through the shower hooks and you have instant organization and they hang right in your closet. signature2211




The pin I found on Pinterest didn’t link back to a site to give credit to this idea.


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